GIMRT 2020 1st call is open.

The deadline of the call is March 2nd, 2020.

Date Content
Global Institute for Materials Research Tohoku(GIMRT) Proposal Call for
February round is open now.

Please see the Proposal call document.
Please see overview to choose proposal type.
Here is an introduction pamphlet for GIMRT program.

The next dead line is March 2nd.
For Type S(Single Research Visit), please submit your proposal to one of
the centers/research division-group programs by logging in
to the GIMRT user system.

○Application forms
 Type B
 Type O
 Type W

For Type W(Workshop), submit application form(Type W) by e-mail to ICC-IMR.
Proposal for the Center of Neutron Science for Advanced Materials can be submitted by using the GIMRT user system. First, download the form, fill it out and convert it to a PDF file. Then input information such as proposal title at the web site and upload the PDF file.

CN form . Guide line is here
For supercomputing system users
1. All users are requested to submit an account registration form to Center for Computational Materials Science (CCMS).
2. Users without Japanese nationality and users belonging to foreign institution are requested to submit a Tohoku University export control checklist to screen the necessity of the export license. Those who need the export license are requested to provide us related additional documents and information. The access to the supercomputing system will be approved after all export control protocol is completed.