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Information 2017-11-08
Information 2015-01-01 To have an account in Supercomputing system

All users are requested to register to *CCMS:Center for Computational Materials Science by “account registration form”.
The rule applies for both CCMS proposal and JSRD proposal to use the supercomputer system. Please see details at the web site of the center.

About Export Control Protocol
Users without Japanese nationality and users belonging to foreign

institutions are requested to submit the Tohoku University export control checklist to judge the necessity of the export license.
Access to the supercomputing system will be permitted after the approval.
Those who need the export license are requested to supply us necessary documents and information.

The bylaw of the CCMS is available at the center web site
Information 2015-01-01 For low temperature cryogen users

Three conditions are fulfilled to use low temperature cryogen such as liquid He.

(1) Definition of the range of works that users can conduct by themselves. This is made by IMR Responsible Person of your proposal.
(2) Take the e-learning for low temperature cryogen users and pass the examination.
(3) On site training by your IMR Responsible Person.

Since many accidents have been reported in the use of low temperature cryogens,
user must follow the above rule strictly and should discuss about the experimental plans with your IMR Responsible Person in advance.

The e-learning course can be accessed from the following web site.
The taking of the course is required also those who have experiences in your home institute.